The BIGGEST LOSSER TRIP Lang EDITION is a reality training at NAVSOG. It is based on “The Biggest Losser ” that first became polular in the United States of America and ABS-CBN.

Each contestant must be in half naked uniform with rubber shoes or depending on the activities they’re involved with. This trainees are responsible for their own nutritional plan but they are guided to the extreme training, work outs and extra ordinary activities they perform each day.

These men do not undergo the weigh-in process as the ordinary contestants do. Following are the basis for the winner in the Pinoy Big Losser Trip Lang Edition:

Number of push ups

shortest time in long distance run

Hit the mud appearance

Number of 8 counts body builder fast reload

squat trust and number of dive bomber perform in a certain time also in fast reload motion.

During the road runs, trainees must carry their buddies, carry truck wheels or  logs. Sweat from their bodies and blood from small cuts shows the extreme performance they give each minute of training.

Before going to bed lucky if there is, the number of trainees compete to each other by way of hard exercise. Weak should be eliminated and will remain on the first stage while the stronger will make their step to the next round. The last stage is the CHECKED OUT STAGE. The chosen strongest one will proceed to bunks and observe TAPS while the other trainees will also OBSERVE hard physical training until morning… ahahahhaa… para lumakas..