I was with my brothers friends. We went to river to have swimming. When I am at the bank of the river, the crazy thought comes to my mind, What if I try to do a backflip? This wasn’t easy decision to make since it was also my first time to a jump and roll in the air.


Oh my God this would be terrible. I stand on the shore with water level on my ankle. Then I bent my body and do a backflip. I never think of being in danger that time and i don’t want to put my self in shame in front of my brothers friend so  I did it even though my heart pumps rapidly.


My first backflip was not Captured because I don’t know that i can make it that time. After a while, I picked up my phone then let my brother took some photos and videos while i’m performing a backflip again.

I’m very happy that time and now I am confident to perform this in every ground where I am.


Don’t worry,  after I’d upload my videos and photos i will post it here or at:

Since I already done and passed the fear of falling it is a gage for me to do more aerial flips and other flares. Just wait on, i’ll show you what I got after my prctice.