I am a very active person when it comes to self defense, and always wanted to learn new styles and weapons such as nun chaku but never felt brave enough to do it, fearing the humiliation of being a novice. Then I’ve started to read online articles about it and I found it great. I went back to its histories wherein amazed me and encouraged me more to perform and learn it myself.

Then I started to do it alone. I’d set aside the body pains cause by hits of those sticks at my back, elbows, head and almost every part of my body. Yes, it is too hard but I have a goal “to master the 39 Basic strikes, 25 figures, 5 basic combination, and free styles using 1 and 2 Nunchakus.”

This is My weapon (NunChaku)

And I’m very happy with the result because I can do 1 to 2 new steps on my own. Even I’m maybe 10% in progress; I know I can do it. “Hehehe, positive affirmation pa”

I feel good because as a self-learner I have my own freedom. I have a choice between the things that I want to learn more and enhance my capabilities.

I found it more enjoyable and maybe for you too if you come to think of it. I am my own master. I can when I have had enough. And I can broaden my learning as much as I like. I control my own time.